A Historical Overview of Seat Belt

In the year 1910 to 1920, lap belts availed in aircraft for pilots. In the year 1922, barney fixes lap belts in the race cars. Nash installs lap belts in the passenger vehicle at the year 1949. Chrysler and Ford provide lab belts as option in the front side on few models of passenger vehicles. In the year 1959. Volvo promotes the single loop three point safety belt. The mechanical engineer in Volvo company Nils a former ejector developer for Saab told that the police he worked with in the aircraft field were interested to keep them safe if there is any collision.

Lap belts and shoulder belts:

But routine people in vehicles do not like to be uncomfortable for a moment. In the year 1961 Wisconsin needs seat belts buckle pretensioner before outboard seat conditions. Lap belts needs seats in the USA in the year 1964 and 1965, Certain manufacturers offer automatic locking retractors in front belts. In 1967, NHSB offers basic federal motor safety standards for vehicles, fixing standards for shoulder belts and lap belts. Lap shoulder belts need in front seats in USA. NHTSA needs three points seat belts buckets pretensioners in front positions. U.S vehicles offer vehicle sensitive ELR’s shoulder belts. In the year 1984, Mercedes offers optional seat belt buckle pretensioner.

Mandatory law:

New York makes usage of belt as mandatory, rear and front for individuals ten years and above. They also launch driver side air bag by having knee bolster. Phase in of fixing of restraint system starts in the year 1986.In the year 1997, NHTSA needs air bags outboard positions. Ford offers roll sensing reduction side air curtain and seat belt pretensioners also in the year 2002. The latest maxalt to buy RNS5s buckle technology is according to TRWs present proven buckle structure. It gives an easy, standarized design which can be adapted easily to local market needs and can be made availing completely automated or semi automated producing process. The new technology for seat belt buckle technology is best for front and rear applications utilizing buckles and anchors pretensioners.


Seat belts are anchored to avoid crash with the inside structures. It is a necessary safety equipment in a vehicle to prevent scratching it designed with soft materials. The provision is an important condition for the approval of the vehicle to be registered. It was invented above one century, a french man made in 1903. In the year 1973 France announced the mandatory and united states followed the rules as compulsory. It is a flexible device to hold the occupants. Controller can adjust the belt, berth are found in connecting points, it is manufactured of steel with the plastic cover of best quality. Pretensioner is utilized to block the occupant body on the seat. Belt wraps on the chest, contains two points and is availed in front and rear seat.Seat belt utilization lessen the risk of traffic associated fatalities by forty five percent. In several cases, wearing belt avoids ejection from the car. Wearing seat belt reduces the contact of the body with the inside parts of a vehicle leading in minor injury. Right usage of these belts offers a secure drive and helps to save your life.

Seat belt can save our lives, to konw the history of seat belt helps us to realize how important the seat belt is. Remember always to fasten your seat belt.

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