Extender Styles

Regular Extenders fold around the body smoothly, like your existing seat belt. They are made of a similar seat belt webbing material as the seat belts in your car. Regular Extenders are always flexible and are typically what most people think of when they first think of a seat belt extender.


Rigid Extenders are made of an incredibly strong cable (shorter ones are a pure rigid construction) that causes the extender to stand upright when buckled into the seat belt receptacle of your car. Depending on the length of the extender, it may have a bit of flexibility and bend buy maxalt online slightly towards the direction the seat belt is pulling it. The Mini Extender functions identically to a Rigid Extender, but is so named for its 3″ stature.


Adjustable Extenders, like Regular Extenders, are made of the same seat belt webbing material as the seat belts in your vehicle. The difference between the Regular and the Adjustable Extender is that the Adjustable is not a fixed length and can become any length between 9.5″and 26″.


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