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What Is Seat Belt Inflator?

Seatbelt inflator is a kind of Micro Gas Generator. These small gas generators utilize an inflation method similar to their larger airbag counterparts. But their smaller size enables us to integrate them into pyrotechnic seat belt pretensioning products, such seatbelt pretensioners.

Our MGG(mirco gas generator)generally apply for all kinds of car seat belts. If you have special demands, please send inquiry now or download catalogue for more details.




How We Produce Quality Inflator Tube?

Seat Belt Inflator Products

  • Seat Belt Tube Inflator(Left Side)

    Item No:FEG001 View Detail
  • Seat Belt Tube Inflator(Right Side)

    Item No:FEG002 View Detail
  • Silver Seat Belt Tube Inflator

    Item No:FEG003 View Detail

  • Seat Belt Inflator With Wire

    Item No:FEG004 View Detail
  • Seat Belt Inflator With Wire

    Item No:FEG005 View Detail
  • New Seat Belt Inflator With Wire

    Item No:FEG006 View Detail

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