What Is Airbag And How Does Inflator Work

Who does not need a car? I need it all the time. Do you wish to know the reason? I am a travel lover. And living in for almost 10 years in China I have experienced half a dozen of accidents, but I always remain safe due to the presence of one of the most important parts of the car i.e. the airbag. Do you have any idea about the air bag? This blog will let you know about this.

Basically, it comprises of three main components. The first component is the bag which is made up of fine gauge of nylon, is folded into the steering wheel, the door panels and the dashboard. The second essential component is the sensor which is meant to determine the timewhen the vehicle is going to be damaged in an accident. Similarly, the third important component is the inflator of the airbag. When an accident occurs and when the control unit determines any crashes, it directly sends the signal to this component. And as a result of this, it sets off the chemical charge, produces nitrogen gas and fills up the airbag. When the bag gets filled up, it burst all the way through the panel and enters into the car.

Now you might have got an idea about the working of an airbag, its components particularly airbag inflator. If you own a car and want to purchase inflator, we are there to help you. To know more details, you can visit our website: www.chinaseatbelt.com.

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