What Is Seat Belt Inflator?

Car safety technology is today benefiting from various accessories and equipment where seat belts and airbags are leading as safety equipment. Today, it is common to see a wide range of accessories that must be fitted to ensure maximum safety.Here, we will have a closer look at seat belt inflator.

What is the main purpose and fucntion of seat belt inflator?

Seat belt inflator also names as micro gas generator( for short: MGG).During a collision, the seatbelt inflator comes to action, they generate a gas that makes the seat belt retracted and tight on a passenger or driver on the seat, so that prevent the occupant from moving forward and crashing their heads and other parts of the body in case of an accident. the purpose is enhancing a tight seat belt during an accident, and ensure that the body is fixed in the correct position and aligned to the airbag. In other words, the seat belt inflator ensure that the airbag is effective, and the injuries are minimized in the case of an accident.

Working principle of seat belt inflator

Seat belt inflator is an advanced technology part of car active safety products. It is made of pyrotechnical squib. In normal situation, the inflator will not explode, but when in an energized state?it will explode and generate large amounts of gas?the gas push the piston or steel where can i buy rizatriptan ball, drive the spindle, then tighten up 80-120mm of seat belt.

Development tendency

Motor vehicle with seat belt inflator is the development trend of seat belt, it will replace normal seat belt. Now the high end cars around the world are all equipped with seat belt with inflator. Economical motor vehicle will also use seatbelt with inflator in future. In China,all vehicles must install pretensioner seat belt which equipped inflator when they are drived on highway since 2017.


Now the manufacture of seat belt inflator is mainly in developed countries in Europe and America, but the price is expensive. These countries have strict request for transport packaging duo to the certain dangerous nature of transportation, and they require manufacturers to provide the inspection report from the qualified testing agency. In America, the seat belt inflator must pass DOT certification. In recent years, many manufacturing enterprise and maintenance enterprise of seat belt all over the world gradually switch to Chinese suppliers to purchase the seat belt inflator with equitable price and good quality. Far Europe Holding Limited is one of these Chinese suppliers, our company has great variety of inflators and advanced product testing equipment. Also, our products can be customized according to customer’s samples and specifications. Our company has passed DOT certificate and is the only qualified export enterprise to export to U.S. in China.

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