What is seatbelt webbing made from?

Seat belt webbing is that part of a seatbelt that is in contact with the passenger. It receives and softens the shock that occupants receive during a crash. Webbing is designed to elongate under load to absorb energy. During impact, the sudden jerk forward can be incredibly stressing for your body. A seat belt holds the vehicle occupants in place. The part of the seatbelt that runs across your body, round your waist is called the webbing.

Seat belt webbing is woven from close to 300 warp strand and a waft strand. Its width is about 48mm and it has tensile strength great enough to support up to 3 tonnes.

Most passengers say they don’t buckle in because they find that seat belts look unattractive. Manufacturers encourage vehicle occupants to fasten their safety belts through using quality fiber materials and coating materials, superior methods of weaving and elongation. All efforts are maximized so as to give seat belt users a comfortable feeling of being held gently in place.

So what is seat belt webbing made from?

Most seatbelt webbing is made from polyester yarns of high tenacity. Safety belt webbing is the same as polyester webbing, but it is much thinner. It has low tensile strength as compared to polyester webbing.
Properties of polyester webbing

There is a reason why safety belts save lives. They are more than just a strap that passengers wrap on their bodies. The following are some of the qualities that webbing made of polyester has:

-It is hydrophobic in nature. This material doesn’t catch water easily and if it does, it dries up quickly.-This kind of webbing has strong buy maxalt cheap fibers that don’t break or run easily. This makes it very hard for the material to encounter any kind of damage prior to a crash or emergency situation.-Polyester webbing can elongate. Up to 25% stretch at break.-Webbing made from polyester doesn’t burn quickly

-This material can withstand changes in temperature, but high temperatures can make the material lose tensile strength. Low temperatures don’t have an effect on polyester.

-Seatbelt webbing made from polyester can resist most chemicals, sunlight and abrasion.

-Polyester can be dyed to most shades and has excellent color fastness. You can get seatbelts of different colors from many suppliers in the market. Getting a safety belt of your own preferred shade can increase chances of buckling it in. This mostly applies to passengers and drivers who need a little more encouragement when it comes to wearing your seat belt. A screaming shade will also act as a personal reminder to vehicle occupants to always buckle in.

-Polyester webbing is mildew and rot resistant. Sweat and other liquids will not damage the material.

Most safety belt webbing is made from polyester because it is a high quality material that has high strength tenacity (almost 10g/den). Whenever you are replacing your seat belts, ensure that you purchase seat belt webbing made from this superior material. You can also ask your manufacturer the material they used in your car safety belts. A little knowledge goes a long way. In this case, investing in webbing of high quality may just literally save your life.