Wheelchair Securement Systems

Wheelchair securement systems allow the wheelchair user to drive or ride in a vehicle as safely as anyone else. Securement systems lock the wheelchair in place either with tie-down straps or a mechanical docking device. Securement systems are primarily used in wheelchair accessible vans to safely secure the user in his power chair or wheelchair while the vehicle is in motion.

A Certified Mobility Consultant is your best resource to help you choose the ideal securement system for your lifestyle and ability.

Manual Securement Systems

A manual securement system mounts to a track or base and attaches at four points on the main frame of the wheelchair or power chair.

This is the least expensive type of securement system. However, kneeling, bending, and hand strength are required in order to adjust the straps to secure the chair in place.

Retractable Securement Systems

Similar to the manual securement system, a retractable securement system mounts in a track or base and attaches to four points on the main frame of the wheelchair or power chair.

The straps are spring-loaded and self-retract in a similar fashion to a seat buy rizatriptan belt. These retractors still require kneeling and/or bending but do not require manual adjustment of the straps.

Electronic Docking Devices

Electronic docking devices are the next step for independent wheelchair securement. Docking devices are the perfect solution for those looking to drive their own vehicle or quickly secure their own wheelchair using a single point system. The user rolls his wheel chair into position. A vertical peg mounted to the bottom of the chair slides into place and mates with the mechanical docking device mounted in the appropriate spot on the vehicle floor. Mechanical jaws close and secure the wheelchair in place.

Docking devices are primarily installed in wheelchair accessible vans. No kneeling, bending, or other physical exertion is required to operate the docking device. This system is very easy to operate as the user can roll his wheelchair into position and lock in it place without any assistance.

Safety Belt Accessories

Safety belt accessories are available for drivers or passengers who require extended seat belt length. Safety restraint systems can also be fastened to the existing OEM tracks or floor mounts.