Why would you need custom seat belts?

We all can agree that seat belts save lives. Sometimes finding the right safety belt can be like looking for a partner; you never know what you’re going to get. This is the reason that most car owners may opt for custom seatbelts. Having a seat belt designed according to your own tastes, needs, preferences and budget just might be any driver’s dream. There are those who never wear safety belts because they don’t like their appearance.

Other places where custom made seat belts are used are boats, carnival rides, go karts, planes, etc. Normal seatbelts like the ones you find in cars wouldn’t work in such locations. This is because these locations either have higher security needs or don’t suit your normal everyday seat belt.

Those looking to remodel their cars, classic as well as new cars are usually on the lookout for sleek, catchy interior. This is inclusive of cool seatbelts. Custom seat belts help these individuals improve their car’s appearance and help them better express themselves. One can get seatbelts in different colors, materials, designs, etc.

Our incredible skills coupled with our extensive knowledge of the industry helps us provide the best quality custom belts out there. Your manufacturer should know the federal standards they are to meet as well as ensuring their products are thoroughly tested.

Getting a custom safety belt is so great because it lets the user choose everything including color, buckle, webbing, length, material, design, etc. The manufacturer’s task is simply to deliver. Custom seat belts are actually of better value than normal belts. This is because:

-They have a nicer finish. Manufacturers tend to ensure they go above and beyond their clients’ expectations when it comes to manufacturing custom belts. Impressing the client is our goal.

-The seat belt webbing is cut to your preferred length

-Buckles are recolored and/or re-chromed

-The thread matches the one used on the seat belt webbing (not so common with normal belts)

-Plastic pieces are dyed to match seat belt webbing (just to give the overall design more appeal)

Custom seatbelts give users the freedom to express themselves. Most times, you’ll find that a custom safety belt is of greater quality than a traditional one.

In some cases, they enhance safety in vehicles. A harness or carnival ride wouldn’t really be safe if it had the same safety belts as those in your vehicle. Would you trust it to protect you or your kids? Custom seat belts improve safety & can also be designed for all ages and sizes.

We offer these seat belts at affordable prices. Our technicians can ensure your custom safety belt is a step up from our replacement stock safety belts. If you need one, send us the design now and we will begin working on it immediately.

Our technicians at Far Europe Holding Limited love a challenge and can’t wait to take up yours! Contact us to order one of our quality custom seatbelts for your carnival ride, boat, harness, show car, etc. You’ll find that our designers will not disappoint.

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