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Baby Seat Fittings

Buy Baby seat fittings online. They are designed to solve a range of different issues that your child may encounter when sitting in a car seat, including:

  1. Your child unbuckling him or herself while the car is moving.
  2. Your child’s head or body flopping forwards or to the side while sleeping.
  3. The geometry of the vehicle’s seatbelt not matching up with the car seat, making it difficult to buckle up your child.
  4. Your child feeling too hot or cold while in the car.

Cnseatbelt baby seat fittings include baby seat safety belts, baby safety belt buckles and baby seat brackets.

Baby Seat Safety Belts

A 5-point safety harness or 3-point harness has been proven to be safer than using a car seat with a shield. It can restrain your child in the best places for optimum safety in a crash. Also, baby seat safety belts can hold your child securely to keep your child in the safest position. Suitable harness adapts to fit your baby’s growing body for maximum protection.

Baby Safety Belt Buckles

Help keep baby safe buckled up with Seat Belt Buckle Guard. Child seat belt lock adds to child car seat safety and child passenger safety by deterring curious little fingers from unbuckling their seat belts or the seat belts of others. Simply slides the Buckle Guard over the seat belt buckle and secure as usual. It has a sleek design and, of course, the intuitive “Push and Turn” child safety cap that is used to secure the device. No tools required, move from vehicle to vehicle, affordable child safety.

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Baby Seat Belt