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Seat Belt Extender

Can’t buckle up? Is the seat belt too short? Problem solved. If you know the type of seat belt extender you need (learn more below), then you can choose the style, length and color of your preference and start buckling up in safety and comfort. The Car Seat Belt Extender was designed for those of us who need a little extra length to buckle our seat belts. There are three different extender styles:

Rigid: Rigid Extenders buckle into the receptacle of your car’s seat belt and stand upright,
Regular: Regular Extenders are made out of the same seat belt webbing material as the seat belt’s in your car,
Adjustable: Adjustable Extenders are similar to Regular Extenders except the length is, well, adjustable.

The style you choose will be determined largely by your specific need. If you are looking to make the seat belt receptacle in your car more accessible, perhaps due to limited mobility, you may prefer a Rigid extender. If you’re strictly looking to add some extra length to your seat belt, a Regular (sometimes described as a floppy) extender may be more comfortable for you.