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Racing Seat

Perhaps all performance cars on sale today come with racing seats straight from the factory. And they should. With the amount of raw power, cars are capable of these days, you need all the comfort and support that a racing seat offers. Can you imagine having more than 500 horsepower under your fingertips and the slightest flick of the steering wheel to the left sends you holding on for dear life as your body flies in the opposite direction? No. That is what racing seats are for.

Benefits of Race Seats

Here we listed some benefits of race seats and reasons why they are a worthwhile and necessary investment for your performance car.

1. Improved Safety

Race seats are crucial as you chase to shave another four-tenths of a second off your lap time. This can be remedied by a race seat which is made exactly for these moments. The right seating position and support will ensure that your goal is only obliterating lap times and not worrying about how you sit. You will also grip the steering wheel-less frantically adding more focus to your goal.

2. More Comfortable

Race seats are actually more comfortable than your run-of-the-mill car seats. Being more structural, race seats are optimized for riding comfort because, unlike normal car seats, they are effective in accommodating your body shape.

3. Lighter and Stiffer

Most race seats weigh about 14 kg each. They are a lot lighter compared to regular car seats that become even heavier with electric motors, fans, and vents. Aside from being lighter, race seats are also stiffer. This helps keep the driver and front passenger in place during spirited drives.