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Seat Belt Reminder

What Is Seat Belt Reminder(SBR)?

Initially, only the driver seat was equipped with seat belt reminders, then the passenger seat followed. Now there are vehicles that have seat belt reminders for all seats. The Seat Belt Reminders are a kind of sensor, which detects occupants in passenger and rear seats. It is a kind of membrane-type contact sensor, which detects occupants in passenger and rear seats. The system in the vehicle triggers a warning light and/or an audible chime, reminding unbuckled seat occupants to fasten their seat belts.

With this device, an occupancy sensor can detect if anybody sits or not, and the airbag won’t open if nobody. It can also design the dimension of sensors and sensitivity of contacts as the shape and hardness of the car seat.

Why Seat Belt Reminders Saves Lives

Seat belts are part of a passive safety system and are mainly intended to reduce injuries by preventing car occupants from hitting hard interior elements of the vehicle, hitting other passengers, or being ejected from the vehicle. In the event of a crash, safety belts reduce the risk of fatal injury to front-seat occupants by 45% in cars and by 60% in light trucks.

Considering 80% of unbuckled occupants put on their seat belt thanks to an SBR, it is one of the most effective ways of preventing death or injury in a car crash.

How Seat Belt Reminders Work?

Seat Belt Reminder

Seat Belt Reminder

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